Mission Statement

Engendering Euphoria through care, self discovery & invention.
Empowering people who are Transgender, Gender Expansive, and Intersex to affirm their gender with health care, education, resources, social services, workshops, events, and related endeavors.

GenderLab, Inc. was founded by a transgender woman, a nonbinary man and a small but powerful team who are committed to uplifting the lives of TGI+ people. At GenderLab, we hope to fill some gaps that currently exist in transgender, gender expansive, and intersex care. Because TGI+ individuals have very unique and underserved needs, they can best be addressed by a center that focuses specifically on their care.

GenderLab – a place to discover & invent yourself.

James Jasper Grimm
James Jasper GrimmPresident
James J. Grimm is Board Chairperson and co-founder of GenderLab. He has business, advocacy, and outreach experience, especially within the TGI+ and LGBTQ+ communities. He is a nonbinary transgender man.
Meika Thalassa Grimm
Meika Thalassa GrimmTreasurer | Office Manager
Meika is Treasurer and co-founder of GenderLab. She is experienced in compassionate & informed care of TGI+ individuals and manages our medical office.
Stephanie Poirier
Stephanie PoirierSecretary | Outreach Coordinator
Stephanie Poirier serves as Secretary on GenderLab’s board. She is also our outreach coordinator, making connections on social media, at events, and facilitating other community collaboration.
Shama Patel
Shama PatelDirector | Lead Technician | RN
Bio coming soon!
Alethea Martin
Alethea MartinDirector | Advocacy & Education Specialist
Bio coming soon!
Malea Nicholson
Malea NicholsonAttorney & CPA
Bio coming soon!