Mission Statement

Engendering Euphoria through care, self discovery & invention.
Empowering people who are Two-Spirit / Transgender & Gender Expansive to affirm their gender with health care, education, resources, social services, workshops, events, and related endeavors.

GenderLab, Inc. was founded by a transgender woman, a nonbinary man and a small but powerful team who are committed to uplifting the lives of 2TGE people. At GenderLab, we hope to fill some gaps that currently exist in two-spirit / transgender & gender expansive care. Because 2TGE individuals have very unique and underserved needs, they can best be addressed by a center that focuses specifically on their care.

GenderLab – a place to discover & invent yourself.

James Jasper Grimm
James Jasper GrimmPresident | Founder
James J. Grimm is the founder and President of GenderLab, inc. He has business, advocacy, and outreach experience, especially within the TGI2+ and LGBTQ+ communities. In his career he has helped small businesses grow as a web developer well as improve experiences and access as a UX Designer by designing user experiences that emphasize equitability, cultural considerations, and innovating ways to achieve goals with less time and resources. He is a two-spirit transgender man and enjoys nature and native plant gardening.
Teresa Beardsley
Teresa Beardsley Treasurer | Board Member

Teresa is a board member and treasurer for GenderLab. She is is the founder and CEO of Safety Compliance Services LLC providing infection prevention and other safety services to live events and businesses across the USA. She is also chair of advancement at Event Safety Alliance 501(c)(3). She is experienced in budgeting, non profit administration, and medical laboratory testing and administration. Further, she is pursuing her JD at Irvine College of Law.

Melanie Tovar
Melanie TovarSecretary | Board Member
Melanie is a board member and Secretary for GenderLab, inc.. Her name is Melanie, but you can just call her Mel. She’s been in healthcare for over 15 years, and a nurse for 12. She has recently embarked on the journey of becoming an Advanced Practice RN in Forensics and Family Medicine. Her desire is to help others from all walks of life including all cultures, ages, and communities. She hopes to own my own clinic one day.
In Mel’s personal time she loves to travel, be outdoors, garden with her husband, her mixed terrier who is almost 10, and an almost 1 year old son. Her & her husband very much enjoy living in the beautiful mountains, raising their family along with nature.
Meika Thalassa Grimm
Meika Thalassa GrimmBoard Member | Office Manager
Meika is a board member and Office Manager for GenderLab, inc. She is experienced in compassionate & informed care of TGI2+ individuals and manages our medical office. Her passion is audio and video and she freelances doing creative, technical, and project management services for the film and music industry.
Malea Nicholson
Malea NicholsonAttorney & CPA
Bio coming soon!
Alethea Martin
Alethea MartinDirector | Advocacy & Education Specialist
Bio coming soon!