Map of states that are safe for transgender people and states that are not safe

Erin in the Morning is an American Journalist following some of the most important issues to transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals in the US. Many of the current issues TGI+ people face are attacks to access to health care, restricted access to public facilities, and unequal treatment under the law.

“About The Map

I have tracked anti-transgender legislation for 3 years @erininthemorn on Twitter and TikTok. Every day, I’ve gotten messages from worried people wondering how they are supposed to assess their risk of staying in their home state. The messages range from parents of trans youth wondering if their children will be taken from them to trans teachers wondering if their jobs will be safe in coming years. Sometimes people just want to know if there is a safer state they can move to nearby.

I created the legislative risk map specifically to help answer that question. Now more than ever, it is a question that needs answering for so many transgender people facing forced medical detransition, arrests for using the bathroom, bans on the use of our names, pronouns, and identification documents, and many other curtailments of our rights to exist in public life.”

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